Charlotte Russe

Fashion retailer Charlotte Russe finds traffic data the perfect accessory

Charlotte Russe is a growing, mall-based speciality retailer of fashionable, value-priced clothing and accessories to women ranging from their teens to early twenties. Since opening its first store in 1975, the North American chain has expanded to almost 500 stores in 45 states and Puerto Rico.

The Charlotte Russe Business challenge

As part of its mission to improve operational performance and build greater value for its shareholders, the Charlotte Russe board of directors embarked on a program to improve store performance metrics. Securing accurate footfall data was the vital first step in laying firm foundations for a robust and insightful performance management framework.

The Solution

  • ShopperTrak Clarity Counting System
  • ShopperTrak Delivered Reporting
  • ShopperTrak Interactive Reporting

Business Benefits of People Counting

  • Labour scheduling is more closely aligned to the number of customers in store at a given time
  • Indicator of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and window displays
  • Ability to compare performance by store type and ensure each outlet delivers optimal performance

Leading US fashion retailer Charlotte Russe needed to ensure its 500 stores performed at optimal levels in a challenging economy and knew getting accurate footfall data was the first step.

Having previously experienced ShopperTrak’s capabilities in a merchandising project involving 90 stores, the retailer opted to trial a solution from the market-leading provider of people-counting analytics. Senior management quickly recognized its value to the business and the decision was taken to roll out the system to all of the retailer’s 487 outlets.

Today, ShopperTrak’s solution enables Charlotte Russe to:

  • Align staffing schedules with the actual number of customers in store at any given time of the day;
  • Calculate the conversion rate (the percentage of shoppers who make a purchase) – a measure of sales effectiveness;
  • Evaluate the success of marketing promotions and new window displays in attracting shoppers into the store;
  • Compare store performance by district and store type.

“There are always factors that will affect the level of traffic to the store but the sales team controls what happens when they get there. The ShopperTrak solution is a great performance management tool. It provides everyone visibility of the contribution they make and prevents us all from becoming complacent.”

Jennifer Evans, Operations Manager, Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe has been able to renew its focus on operational performance armed with objective performance statistics and analysis.

people counting case study

The reports provided by ShopperTrak helped the fashion-forward retailer build a true picture of business performance. Operations manager Jennifer Evans recalls, “One of the early revelations when we compared stores by conversion rate rather than total takings was that several medium-ranked stores were actually turning in a stronger performance than some of our top ranked locations!”

The ability to compare individual stores’ performance not only by district but also by type has also given the Charlotte Russe management team valuable insights. Jennifer Evans explains, “Not every store in our group is the same.They come in varying sizes and cater for different demographics so we categorized them in cluster groups – traditional mall, tourist center, outlet store and so on – it enables us to compare like with like so we can evaluate a store’s performance in context.”

“We use the ShopperTrak solution at all our locations to leverage performance – it’s become a key metric for us at store level.”

Jennifer Evans, Operations Manager, Charlotte Russe

As for the reports themselves, Jennifer Evans comments, “They are tailored to our business requirements and easy to use. Data integrity is vital as stores need to have confidence in the figures and that’s never been an issue with ShopperTrak it’s a great partnership.”

In addition, ShopperTrak supplies a daily data feed showing traffic and conversion rates for upload and internal reporting to senior management.

The metrics reported by the system have now become an integral feature of daily life at Charlotte Russe. Jennifer Evans remarks, “We use the ShopperTrak solution at all our locations to leverage performance – it’s become a key metric for us at store level.”